The basic concept of CAD is to keep the record and tracking of any scanned copy or hard copy into a rewritable format. If any changes or modification happens on the existing project, this cad conversion can redefine it nicely. The mark-ups are added when the drawings get redrafted from the scratch or the existing CAD files need to be updated as per the mark-ups, thus helping CAD users to work with each other in a seamless manner. Sometimes clients asks for several changes in the existing drawing, based on that we have to change into a rewritable format so that it can be further changed. In CAD Drafting service we offer below mentioned services


REDLINE MARKUP: SOFTECH BIM CONSULTANT, our skilled design technicians can apply Red Line Mark-up to any specific drawing type. This could involve redrafting from scratch or, incorporating mark-ups to existing CAD designs. We are fully trained in AutoCAD, Micro Station and other software.

Clients can request Red Line drawings in a range of formats and provide the mark-ups as a scanned image, hard copy drawing, marked up in Adobe or drawn with hand written mark-ups.

Hardcopy Red Line Mark-ups: Red Line Mark-ups can be submitted as new changes added as a hardcopy mark-up. During the drafting process, the mark-ups will be incorporated as we redraft the sheet.

Electronic Red Line Mark-ups: Existing AutoCAD &Micro Station files can be updated per Red Line Mark-ups. You must provide the existing AutoCAD DWG or Micro Station DGN and the accompanying mark-up sheets. Our skilled technicians will update the existing CAD files to reflect your mark-ups.