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Over the past few years, BIM has become a centerpiece in the AEC industry in almost every developed and developing countries including INDIA. This is mainly due to the effective tools it provides AECproffessionlas in the overall management phase such as Planning, Designing, and Construction of Buildings and Infrastructures. has been a bit slow in embracing new technologies, and BIM specialists are limited in the region. The government’s involvement and the huge initial cost are essential to quicken its implementation. However, rapid urbanization and industrialization have changed the scenario and have given rise to better infrastructural setups in India. The quality of the country’s existing infrastructure is neither efficient nor environmentally optimal. This calls for the need for BIM technology to transform the construction landscape in India. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of BIM experts, Softech BIM Consultant is a name worth mentioning. SBC is recognized as a one-stop BIM solution provider that has executed 50+ BIM projects across the continuum of verticals including Airports, Hospitals, Stadiums, High Rise, Infrastructure, and others. Within three years of its operation, the bootstrapped company has built a laudable reputation in the AEC industry across 15 countries of the five continents. The company has delivery centers with 80 in-house BIM specialists that include support, R&D innovation, and production teams who take innovation implementation to the next level to automate production reducing cost and providing error-free coordinated BIM execution.